Black Bolt & Lockjaw- 2 PK - Funko Pop! - Marvel - GITD - Exclusive

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Black Bolt & Lockjaw - 2 PK - Funko Pop! - Marvel - GITD - Exclusive 🌀🔊🐶✨

  • Series: Marvel
  • Characters: Black Bolt & Lockjaw
  • Brand: Funko Pop!
  • Pack: 2-Pack
  • Edition: Exclusive
  • Feature: Glow In The Dark (GITD)
  • Description: This exclusive Funko Pop! 2-pack features Black Bolt, the powerful king of the Inhumans, and his loyal teleporting dog, Lockjaw. Black Bolt, known for his destructive voice, is paired with Lockjaw, who has the ability to teleport through vast distances.
  • Features:
    • Design:
      • Black Bolt: The figure showcases Black Bolt in his iconic black and silver costume, complete with the tuning fork symbol on his forehead.
      • Lockjaw: Lockjaw is depicted as a large, bulldog-like creature with a teleportation antenna on his head.
    • Pose:
      • Black Bolt: Standing tall with a commanding presence.
      • Lockjaw: Sitting faithfully by Black Bolt's side, ready to teleport.
    • Color: Predominantly black, silver, and brown, with glow-in-the-dark accents.
  • Special Details:
    • Glow In The Dark: Both figures have parts that glow in the dark, adding a unique and striking feature to the set.
    • Exclusive Edition: This 2-pack is a special exclusive, making it a collectible item for Marvel fans.

📏 Size: Standard Funko Pop! size for Black Bolt and slightly larger for Lockjaw, appropriate to his character's scale.

🌟 Special Notes: This exclusive GITD 2-pack is a must-have for fans of the Inhumans and Marvel collectors, offering a unique display feature with the glow-in-the-dark capability.

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