Captain America - #288 - Funko Pop! - Infinity War - Marvel

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Captain America - #288 - Funko Pop! - Infinity War - Marvel 🇺🇸🛡️

Brand: Funko Pop!
Series: Marvel Infinity War
Character: Captain America
Figure Number: 288

The Captain America Funko Pop! #288 captures Steve Rogers as he appears in "Avengers: Infinity War." This figure showcases Cap in his rugged, battle-worn appearance, reflecting his determination and readiness to face Thanos.


  • Design:
    • Pose: Captain America is depicted in a dynamic stance, ready for combat.
    • Outfit: He wears his stealth suit, which is now darkened and worn, symbolizing his time on the run. The star on his chest is removed, and the suit shows signs of battle damage.
    • Details: Cap’s beard and longer hair are meticulously detailed, capturing his look from the film. He holds his new Wakandan shields, emphasizing his preparedness for battle.
  • Size: Standard Funko Pop! size (approximately 3.75 inches tall).
  • Packaging: Comes in a window display box, featuring artwork from "Avengers: Infinity War," ideal for display and protection.

Perfect For:

  • Marvel Fans: A must-have for fans of Captain America and the Avengers series, particularly those who loved "Infinity War."
  • Collectors: An essential addition for Marvel and Funko Pop! collectors, representing a pivotal moment in the MCU.
  • Gifts: A fantastic gift for superhero enthusiasts and anyone who admires Captain America’s unyielding spirit and leadership.

Add Captain America from "Avengers: Infinity War" to your collection and relive the epic moments of the MCU! 🇺🇸🛡️

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