Simon Basset/The Duke - #1467 - Funko Pop! - Bridgerton - TV

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Simon Basset / The Duke Funko Pop! - #1467 🌹

Series: Bridgerton
Category: Television
Number: 1467

The Simon Basset / The Duke Funko Pop! (#1467) honors the charming and enigmatic Duke of Hastings from Netflix's beloved series "Bridgerton." This collectible figure captures Simon's suave and sophisticated demeanor, making it an essential piece for any fan of the show.

🌟 Features:

  • Elegant Attire: Simon is depicted in his classic Regency-era outfit, complete with a tailored coat and cravat, reflecting his aristocratic status 👔.
  • Detailed Design: The figure includes fine details such as Simon's styled hair and confident pose, embodying his character's persona 👑.
  • Character Expression: His poised expression captures the Duke's charisma and depth.

Perfect For:

  • Bridgerton Fans: A must-have for fans who admire the Duke's storyline and character development.
  • Collectors: An excellent addition to any Funko Pop! TV collection, particularly for those focusing on characters from popular TV shows.
  • Display: Ideal for display on shelves, desks, or alongside other Bridgerton characters 💼.

💖 Add a Touch of Aristocratic Charm: Bring home the allure of Simon Basset with this meticulously crafted Funko Pop! figure. It's not just a toy; it's a piece of the Bridgerton world, perfect for reliving the romance, drama, and sophistication of the series. 🌷

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