Poison Ivy - Funko Vinyl Soda - 8,500 Pieces - DC - Chance Of Chase

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Introducing the Poison Ivy Funko Vinyl Soda! 🌿🎭

Dive into the greenery with this stunning limited edition collectible from the DC universe, but beware – there's a chance of chase! 🍃

🌹 Poison Ivy: The enchanting eco-terrorist comes to life in this beautifully crafted vinyl soda figure, capturing her allure and danger in every detail.

🎭 Chance of Chase: Will you be lucky enough to uncover the elusive chase variant? Keep your eyes peeled for the rare Poison Ivy with a different color scheme, a treasure for any collector!

💚 Limited Edition: With only 8,500 pieces available worldwide, this Poison Ivy Vinyl Soda is a rare gem that will make your collection truly unique.

🪴 DC Universe: Join Poison Ivy on her quest to protect the green and restore balance to the world. Whether you're a hero or a villain, there's no denying her botanical charm.

🎁 Perfect for Collectors: Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting your journey, this Poison Ivy Vinyl Soda is a must-have addition to your collection.

Embrace the allure of Poison Ivy and add this captivating Funko Vinyl Soda to your collection today! 🌿🍃

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