Embarrassment - #1450 Funko Pop! - Inside Out 2- Disney

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Embarrassment - #1450 Funko Pop! - Inside Out 2 - Disney 🙈

Introducing Embarrassment, one of the many colorful characters from "Inside Out 2." This Funko Pop! figure captures the essence of Embarrassment with its vivid colors and expressive design. With rosy cheeks and a bashful expression, Embarrassment embodies those moments when we feel self-conscious or awkward. As a key emotion in the inner workings of the mind, Embarrassment adds depth and humor to the story. Whether you're a fan of the film or simply appreciate quirky collectibles, this Funko Pop! is a delightful addition to any Disney or "Inside Out" collection. Let Embarrassment remind you that it's okay to laugh at yourself and embrace your quirks! 🙈

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