Zombie Morbius - #105 - Funko Pop! - Marvel -Exclusive

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Zombie Morbius - #105 - Funko Pop! - Marvel - Exclusive 🧟‍♂️🩸

Brand: Funko Pop!
Series: Marvel
Character: Zombie Morbius
Figure Number: 105
Edition: Exclusive

The Zombie Morbius Funko Pop! #105 is a striking figure from the Marvel Zombies series, presenting the iconic anti-hero in a ghoulishly undead form. This exclusive edition adds a unique and eerie element to any Marvel collection.


  • Design:
    • Pose: Zombie Morbius is depicted in a menacing stance, ready to haunt the night with his vampiric presence.
    • Outfit: He retains elements of his classic costume, now tattered and decayed, fitting his undead state.
    • Details: The figure features horrifying details such as decayed skin, exposed bones, and a bloodthirsty expression. His eyes are sunken, and his fangs are bared, emphasizing his zombie transformation.
  • Size: Standard Funko Pop! size (approximately 3.75 inches tall).
  • Packaging: Comes in a window display box with the exclusive edition sticker, perfect for display and protection.

Perfect For:

  • Marvel Fans: An essential piece for fans of the Marvel Zombies series and those who appreciate darker, more twisted versions of beloved characters.
  • Collectors: A rare and exclusive addition to any Funko Pop! collection, particularly for those specializing in Marvel or exclusive releases.
  • Gifts: An excellent gift for horror enthusiasts and Marvel fans who enjoy unique and macabre collectibles.

Embrace the dark side of the Marvel universe with the Zombie Morbius Funko Pop! figure, a hauntingly exclusive addition to your collection. 🧟‍♂️🩸

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